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Loss Prevention
Datascan partners with our client's Loss Prevention agents to assist them in ensuring all corporate inventory processes meet their integrity standards. One of your main objectives each day is to protect your company's assets and during physical inventory you need assurance that system controls are in place along with exception reporting to alert you of abnormal behavior. We have worked with Loss Prevention professionals for more than 40 years and found the following attributes to be the most compelling from your perspective...
  • Exception reports and automated alerts, using real-time data, notify field managers of specific stores, associates or items issues based on predetermined criteria.
  • While the use of your own vested staff inherently increases accuracy, we recognize that a major deterrent for all dishonest behavior is knowing that someone is monitoring live counts.
  • Random and system enforced audits spread equally across all scanning associates ensure accountability.
  • Additional cycle counts, transfer scans and manifest audit programs enhance the accuracy of the perpetual inventory and can also be used a deterrent.

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