From diamonds to live bait, high fashion apparel to motorcycles, sporting goods to gift cards, our self-scan solution has been utilized to count virtually anything a retailer has in its inventory.

Our clients have the ability to track inventory by item number, price, serial number, weight and multiple units of measure. Datascan can customize an inventory plan depending on how your merchandise is named or characterized.

“Our partnership with Datascan is a win-win situation, and it just gets better. They’ve saved our company $150,000. We’ve learned so much from them and their business model is the best. Datascan is phenomenal.”
– 600 store chain, Senior Loss Prevention Manager

Diverse Client Base

Datascan’s inventory solutions are used in over 23,000 general merchandise, specialty chain and boutique stores annually. Our specialty clients cover a wide range of products from sporting goods, fine jewelry, auto parts, fast fashion, pool supplies, food and beverage, cards, gifts and accessories, footwear and soft-goods. Our diverse clientele spans over 35 countries and many are willing to discuss their approach to self-scan and their partnership with Datascan. We will be pleased to share our notable references if requested.

Warehouse Count Solutions

In addition to our expertise in physical inventory and cycle counts, Datascan provides warehouse count solutions, re-ticketing, price look-up, store transfer and LP audit count solutions.