We work to maximize your inventory efficiency

That means offering a product that is easy to use, efficient and delivers meaningful data so our clients can conduct business smoothly. Relying on us to provide a solution that will take the sting out of the inventory counting process is the ultimate goal with our self-scan solution. We want to save our clients time and money from their bottom line.

Commitment to value

Our commitment to value ensures that you get:

  • Simple implementation requiring no changes from you or your IT team.
  • Guaranteed count dates and scanners built on demand.
  • Easy-to-use equipment that is efficient and reliable.
  • Current interface and innovative technology that produces real-time reports instantly.
  • Training materials for the store level and 24/7 customer service from beginning to end.

We bring lasting value to our clients through tailored inventory counting data solutions and strategic consulting services making the inventory process simple and more productive for our clients.

“The pricing with Datascan has been phenomenal, the sales and customer service teams at Datascan have been more than helpful, the ease of use of the scanners and reporting options have been amazing – switching to Datascan has been a big win for us.”
– Brooks Brothers