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See your entire inventory in one place without the stress or worry of an extensive count. Stay on top of your cycle counts, no matter how often you track your inventory.

Our powerful scanners and software reduce the time it takes to count inventory, so you can spend more time selling products and less time counting them.

Preparation and Timing

Agreement on Dart Now Specifications
Provide Item Master in the required format
Complete Order and User Login forms

Monitor Counts on your phone

You don’t have to be chained to a computer to know what’s in stock. Track inventory counts on your phone in real-time from anywhere in the world with our robust mobile app.

Count Using Your Own Devices

Get counting quicker by using Datascan software on your existing devices. Our DART Connect system reduces costs, simplifies logistics, and allows staff to count with devices they already understand. Get the same speed and accuracy of Datascan’s handheld scanners but with the comfort of your own device.
Android Devices 4.4 or later
Enterprise Devices including Symbol, Motorola and Zebra Scanners
Processor: 800 Hz, Single Core, Multi Core is recommended
Flash Size: APK (>15MB), SKU DB (Varies by Customer 10MB – 400MB)
WIFI/Cellular: Required
BarCode Scan Engine: 2D Imagers or 1D Scan Engines
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We’ll help you decide how many scanners you need and send them to you loaded and ready to go. The ordering process is simple so you can spend more time in your store and less time managing inventory.

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Our powerful scanners come ready to work. With no learning curve, start counting and monitoring your inventory with real-time data.
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