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Too much inventory to scan individually or not enough time? Our best-in-class RFID technology makes counts up to 40x faster by scanning everything in a 10-foot radius without requiring a line of sight. Simply wave the RFID scanner and get instant and accurate inventory counts. It really is that simple.
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RFID Software Designed for Selling Everything, Everywhere

Frequntiel OCTO+ is a best-in-class RFID software platform designed to enable retailers to create the needed item-level inventory foundation for their transition to unified retail. For over 10 years, it has enabled leading retailers to gain inventory superpowers and sell Everything, Everywhere.

  • Capture, consolidate, and distribute millions of item-level data points.
  • Based on EPC standards, designed to scale.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly within your IT environment.
  • Streamline routine tasks and enable your staff to focus on the customer.
RFID technology has altered the retail industry by providing unparalleled efficiency, improved inventory management, and enhanced customer experiences. With the ever-evolving landscape of retail, businesses that embrace this technology will continue to thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

Defining Radio-Frequency Identification

RFID is cutting-edge technology that employs radio waves to identify and track objects. The system consists of two primary components: RFID tags and RFID readers.

Watch our videos to learn more about RFID technology and its importance in obtaining accurate inventory stock counts.

RFID tags, also known as RFID labels or transponders, are small devices that contain a microchip and an antenna. These tags store and transmit data wirelessly to RFID readers. They come in various forms, including passive and active tags.
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"By choosing self-scan, we’ve improved our bottom line by $600,000 to $1 million. Utilizing our own employees for the scanning process while relying on Datascan improves efficiency and saves us money."
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