Every company’s inventory is different, and so are your inventory counting needs. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all product that doesn’t serve your business or makes tracking your inventory more difficult. 

Datascan’s robust self-scan technology is fully customizable to match all types and schedules of counting. Our full-service model is designed to help retailers who need additional labor and support for store counts. Either way, we've got you covered. 

You Can count on it

Datascan offers wall-to-wall physical counts for auto parts, grocery and more.


You can’t sell items if you don’t know what you have in stock. No matter your industry, Datascan helps with wall-to-wall physical counts of every item in your store or warehouse.

No matter how many items you have or if they are big or small, Datascan simplifies the daunting task to give you accurate information of every physical item.

Intuitive hand-held scanners

Our easy-to-use scanners make it easy to train existing employees

Innovative RFID technology

New technology provides accurate counts without scanning every item individually

Real-time results

Track your inventory in real time with accurate counts


When you want to break down your inventory counts by product type, sales cycle, or season, Datascan makes it easy to get accurate information of the right inventory groups.

You’re in control to create the right counts for your business needs. No matter how you divide your products or how often you want to count, Datascan provides the tools to know exactly what’s in stock.

Easy to use scanners

Pre-loaded and ready to work, our hand-held scanners are quick to learn.

Comprehensive analytics

Counts are automatically sent to our robust software for analysis and tracking.

Intuitive mobile app

Track your counts from anywhere with our robust mobile app.


When you need to find and track a specific item, Datascan’s technology makes it easy to sort through all of your inventory for the right product. Remove the headache of finding the right item and better serve your customers.

Our comprehensive system gives you the power to look up any product at any time. No need to manually sort through shelves and boxes when you have Datascan technology.

Intuitive hand-held scanners

Our easy-to-use scanners make it easy for any employee to track inventory.

Comprehensive software

Sort products, track trends, and find the exact item you need

Robust app

Monitor your inventory tracking on the road with our robust mobile app

24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will support and guide you through all of your counts

The Importance of Inventory Accuracy

Datascan makes it easy for you
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With shipments coming and going all day, it can be challenging to know what’s in your warehouse at any moment. Datascan’s scanners and technology provide an accurate inventory count in real-time to reduce risk and ensure you have the right items in stock.

Don’t leave shipments up to chance. Datascan is another layer of protection against theft and misplaced shipments.

Fast and accurate scanners

Our handheld scanners are easy to use and allow for fast and accurate counts

Robust analytics software

Get a better understanding of your inventory and see patterns and trends

Real-time adjustments

Monitor inventory in real time through our app to always know what’s on the shelves

Carton Audit Counting

We can help your stores understand the correct number of cartons received at a particular store even before opening them up and removing the merchandise.

Merchandise Receipt

Datascan will audit your receiving process and identify the root-cause of any inaccuracies before the merchandise hits the sales floor. This count process can help identify items expected but not received, as well as items received but not expected. This option is ideal when distribution centers are not accurate with carton contents and also helps to identify mis-directed shipments.


Need to send merchandise from one store to another? Datascan can count those items and deliver an accurate count so you know exactly what will be delivered to another store.


Datascan can facilitate and support an item markdown process in your retail stores. This helps you update item tickets and new prices for store merchandise.

Price Look-up

Our team supports worldwide retailers with their price lookup process enabling a better understanding of current merchandise pricing and options to change those prices as necessary.

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