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Now running your business doesn’t have to be a hassle. Datascan offers Full-Service Inventory Counting as an all-in-one package that will transform the way your business handles inventory auditing and asset management. This service package covers every angle of inventory management, with supplemental staffing, training, and consultations. Whether it's a routine stock check or a large-scale inventory overhaul, Datascan provides inventory count solutions to suit every need. Our company provides top notch inventory tracking software that is compatible with several different types of devices, enhanced data analytics, and all the necessary equipment your business needs. Everything you need is in our full-service inventory counting package to give you real-time insights into your inventory management needs.



Supplemental Staffing

Datascan can connect you with qualified and thoroughly trained supplemental staffing to increase your inventory count efficiency. Not only will supplemental staffing be cost-effective for your business, but you will get the benefits of flexibility and increased productivity in your workplace. No matter how many people you have in your employment, our supplemental staffing is experienced and will make sure your counts are done quickly and  proficiently. 

Supplemental Staffing Benefits

  • Our supplemental staffing teams are pre-qualified and evaluated before they start working for you.
  • All individuals that are hired on for temporary employment will receive adequate training before they handle your inventory counts. They will also be familiar with the software and devices your business uses.
  • Utilizing supplemental staffing means that the additional manpower will help to speed up the inventory counting process so that your business can start selling sooner and save you time. 

Training, Support and Consulting

Datascan’s training, support, and consulting services are designed to prepare clients with the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to succeed in their inventory management goals. Whether it's through training sessions, ongoing support, or strategic consulting, we will make sure you have the tools and expertise to achieve a functional inventory management system for your business.

What We Offer

  • Training. Datascan offers customized training sessions to optimize software usage and improve inventory workflows.
  • Support. Clients receive ongoing technical assistance and access to resources for smooth solution operation.

Consulting. We’ll offer recommendations and discuss strategies to enhance inventory processes and drive business growth.

Inventory Count Solutions

We can help you find solutions for all different types of inventory counts. Whether it be physical inventory counts, cycle and category counts, Item look-up solutions, or shipping/receiving and warehouse counts.

Count Solutions

  • Hand-held scanners
  • RFID technology
  • Real-time results and adjustments
  • Enhanced data analytic software
  • Mobile app for tracking counts
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Carton audit counting
  • Merchandise receipt
  • Transfers
  • Markdowns
  • Price Look-ups

Inventory Tracking Software

The innovative software we use at Datascan is fully functional on your own devices and phones. Our DART Connect system offers the same level of speed and accuracy with Datascan's handheld scanners but with the convenience and comfort of using your own device. By using our tracking software on your devices, you’ll find how much it reduces costs associated with purchasing additional equipment and how it can simplify logistics. Your staff can now count inventory with ease using devices they are already familiar with.

Device Requirements

  • Android Devices 4.4 or later
  • Enterprise Devices including Symbol, Motorola and Zebra Scanners
  • Processor: 800 Hz, Single Core, Multi Core is recommended
  • Flash Size: APK (>15MB), SKU DB (Varies by Customer 10MB – 400MB)
  • WIFI/Cellular: Required
  • RAM:>500MB
  • BarCode Scan Engine: 2D Imagers or 1D Scan Engines

Enhanced Data Analytics

Datascan's Data Analytics Software simplifies complex inventory counting and data analysis. Our software presents critical insights in a user-friendly format so that you can understand your inventory performance with ease. Our software automatically identifies patterns and trends and eliminates the stress of manual data interpretation. You’ll have access to features such as scorecard grading, multi-perspective inventory accuracy assessment, and productivity analysis.

Software Features

  • Scorecard: Customizes grade ranges and weights to evaluate store performance in inventory counting and management.
  • Inventory Accuracy: Lets you gain insight into inventory accuracy from various viewpoints, enhancing shrinkage reduction and optimizing omnichannel solutions.
  • Productivity: Understand your productivity metrics and identify areas for improvement. Compare productivity levels, task durations, and total labor hours to improve efficiency.

Inventory Tracking Equipment

Datascan will supply you and your staff with the necessary equipment and technology to work with our advanced software and RFID system. With Datascan's user-friendly handheld scanners, you’ll have more control over your business’ inventory data by observing counts in real-time while identifying patterns, obstacles, and growth opportunities effortlessly. 


  • RFID Tags. We’ll provide various RFID tags for efficient inventory tracking.
  • RFID Scanners. You’ll have access to our handheld RFID scanners for quick and accurate data capture.

Leasing or Rental

Datascan may offer leasing or rental options for RFID tags and scanners, allowing businesses to access the technology without the upfront cost of purchasing equipment outright.

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Includes RFID Implementation

Skip the time consuming task of scanning all of your inventory individually. Datascan will connect your business with our advanced RFID technology. You will be able to scan your inventory at speeds by up to 40x and will cover a 10-foot radius without the need for direct visibility. Your RFID scanner can obtain instant and precise inventory counts while saving you loads of time and trouble so you can get back to managing your business.
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We Specialize in Assisting Several Business Types

Datascan offers solutions that are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for several types of businesses across different industries. We seek to improve your business inventory management processes and increase operational efficiency.


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