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Is there a lot of equipment set up or learning required by my stores?

No. The equipment is plug-and-play, right out of the box, and comes with your item master file loaded on each scanner. The stores do NOT have to perform any initialization to get started. Each retailer’s manual offers all the information you will need to get started. Our Technical Assistance Center is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Datascan provides a complete system that allows first-time store managers to accurately complete an inventory count in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Does my company buy the scanners?

No, Datascan rents the scanners and other necessary equipment to retailers. It is Datascan’s responsibility to maintain the hardware and provide software and reporting customizations for each retailer that can be updated as your needs change. Our retailers rent equipment based on their inventory needs––some keep the equipment year-round, while others only need it for one weekend each year. We can help determine what might be best for you. In addition, Datascan does offer the ability to count merchandise from your own devices, in many cases.

What type of support is provided?

Datascan offers a 24-hour, 365 days of the year Technical Assistance Team to support your needs. We help monitor your store’s progress from the time the equipment ships until it is back in our warehouse. We proactively reach out directly to stores with inquiries while taking all inbound calls regarding process or equipment questions.

What if we don’t have the staff to count our stores?

Datascan technology is optimized for inventory scanning.  Most of our customers find the solution extremely efficient and productive to the point where they can, in fact, self- scan most of their stores with their current staff. In cases where self-scan in some stores is not possible and changing the count process (multiple day counts, staff sharing, strike teams, etc.) proves difficult, Datascan can provide staffing augmentation for an inventory count in most markets.   

How quickly can I review the output data from my inventory counts?

Datascan offers real-time data visibility. Our software automatically picks out the most crucial pieces of data, including patterns and trends, and puts them together in easy-to-understand visuals. The information is uploaded, replicated and displayed on our customer portal (DART) within 10 seconds. Our system enables visibility to details within a single store or high-level status updates across an entire chain throughout the whole process. This allows for a proactive approach in managing the inventory process from start to finish. When the count is completed, the final count file is automatically generated and delivered within minutes.

How much time will my IT department have to devote to this?

The transition to self-scan does not require many hours from any department, IT in particular. We assist retailers throughout the process by providing training materials and conducting training meetings where needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. From an IT perspective, there is little need to change file formats nor will we require any more data than what is currently sent to your inventory provider. Our solution is also SOC compliant so IT departments do not have to spend time managing security around the Datascan environment.

Why should we use our own staff to conduct store counts?

Our retailers are able to drive a high level of accuracy and productivity with our solution. In addition, customers are able to conduct rescanned audits to ensure scanning is accurate and those audits are part of the overall count process. The audit process allows them to focus on products or sections of the stores that they are most concerned about due to known shrink issues. The real-time data visibility available to managers (at the regional or district level) is also a large deterrent, as stores know they are being monitored. Our system is used to conduct inventory in over 100,000 counts per year and we have never been informed of a situation where an associate has been caught padding a count during a physical inventory.

Do external auditors approve Self-Scan?

Absolutely! Our system is used by retailers that are audited by all major firms. In fact, Datascan provides External Audit tools on both the scanner and the website to reduce in-store auditors from distracting the store manager. Datascan is SOC 1 compliant. You can request a copy of our report as needed.

Why should I use Self-Scan rather than a full-service inventory provider?

Your associates know your store merchandise and procedures better than anyone. Unlike an outside service, your associates are in the store day in and day out. They know your merchandising standards and they know your ticketing approach; to them, it’s second nature to look inside cabinets, in back rooms, and on top of shelves. They have a vested interest in achieving an accurate count and understand how doing so will help keep them in stock.

What separates you from other Self-Scan companies?

Datascan’s proactive Customer Success team helps plan, execute, recap, and learn from counts with an unparalleled ability to optimize the process and results for our customers. Industry-leading reporting and analytics are backed by a team that consistently exceeds expectations. In addition, Datascan offers several value-added features, including the following:

  • Data is secured and redundant in a data center in Dallas, TX and London, UK, and then replicated in a remote disaster recovery center in Austin, TX.
  • Patented and customized wireless scanners specifically designed for physical inventory counts.
  • Customized training delivered to the customer in the most efficient manner of their choosing.
  • Reporting specific to both store- and corporate-based users.
  • Variance reporting available in real time for immediate research.
  • Datascan partners with retailers to optimize cost-effectiveness, including ground shipment options.
  • We are chosen by top names in retail year after year, and Datascan is the largest technology focused inventory solutions provider with over 200 customers and a fleet of 125,000 scanners.
  • Datascan can assist your stores with staffing for an inventory count in most markets.
  • Datascan can provide a solution for both RFID and Bar-Code environments
  • Datascan provides unique industry vertical solutions, such as one to count auto parts in auto dealers.


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