Self Scanners for Inventory Managment



Overwhelmed at the thought of counting your store’s entire inventory? You don’t have to be. Datascan’s self-scan technology makes it easy to count everything in stock, fast and easily. 

Instead of dreading inventory management, you’ll have the tools to do it quickly with strong analytics to understand your products.

Easy-to-use scanners

Place an order to rent our scanners and they will ship the same day

Real-time inventory-tracking software

Connect all of your locations to our best-in-class software

On-the-go mobile app

Monitor your inventory-tracking progress from anywhere

RFID Technology

Improve your inventory accuracy and speed with new RFID tracking

Supplemental staffing

Rely our our staff to support your inventory tracking if needed
The value of the analytical data that is delivered back to us after a count is nothing less than amazing. We are able to evaluate our results, from a data perspective, and make changes to our processes that tremendously help our business.
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Getting Started Is Easy

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We’ll help you decide how many scanners you need and send them to you loaded and ready to go. The ordering process is simple so you can spend more time in your store and less time managing inventory.

Start Counting Your inventory

Our powerful scanners come ready to work. With no learning curve, start counting and monitoring your inventory with real-time data.
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