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The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Malicious and Non-malicious Retail Losses

Background As we have seen with developments in Total Retail Loss, there is an ever growing array of events and activities that can generate retail losses. From thieves entering stores and taking products without paying for them through to companies themselves bringing faulty products into their businesses that end up generating unacceptably high levels of […]

Utilising Video Analytics in Retailing

Background While video technologies have long been utilised in retailing – some of the first installations of closed circuit television (CCTV) in a retail environment can be found in the 1970s – their role and indeed purpose has largely been limited by the nature of the technology deployed – analogue systems. This made them hard […]

Understanding Product Loss: Utilising the ECR Loss Prevention Road Map

Background One of the most significant challenges associated with managing retail ‘shrinkage’ is that for the most part, the root cause of why the loss has occurred remains largely unknown. Most of the data that comprises the shrinkage number in retail companies is derived from infrequent and periodic stock takes – counting or valuing the […]

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