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Managing Retail Losses: Deploying the ‘Nudge’ Concept

Context There is an old adage, from whom I know not, which says: ‘you cannot arrest your way out of a shrinkage problem’; in other words it is not a good idea to base a retail loss control strategy primarily upon catching and prosecuting all those who cause loss. The argument goes that it would […]

Delivering ‘Frictionless’ Retailing:
Balancing Consumer Convenience and Risk

Background If you had to choose one word to describe retailing, it would be ‘change’. While it has long been a fundamental part of most societies, it is not something that can ever be described as static and unchanging. Yes, the fundamentals of retailing have always remained the same – various types of goods being […]

The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Malicious and Non-malicious Retail Losses

Background As we have seen with developments in Total Retail Loss, there is an ever growing array of events and activities that can generate retail losses. From thieves entering stores and taking products without paying for them through to companies themselves bringing faulty products into their businesses that end up generating unacceptably high levels of […]

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