Let our inventory experts develop a custom inventory process that is right for you.

We are the global inventory experts

Nobody provides a self-scan solution with cutting-edge technology like Datascan. On average, companies using us for their inventory control solution see:

  • 40% reduction in cost
  • 35% reduction in variance research
  • 98% of stores say they wouldn’t return to previous counting methods

What makes our self-scanning solution so effective is that we utilize your most trusted asset, your employees, in the inventory process. This results in greater accuracy and control. We guarantee you will save time and money.


No Capital Expense

Reduced Count Time

Cut Labor and Inventory Counting Expense

Decrease in Reconciliation Time

Continued Service and Support


Our Fit-for-Purpose approach allows our clients to customize their inventory counting process, retrieving data that is cost-effective, accurate, efficient and available real-time at both the store and corporate levels. This means that there is no need to wait days to review the final inventory counting reports. This information is available immediately after the physical count is completed.

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