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Another Inventory Accuracy Formula

In a previous article we discussed how Datascan’s preferred inventory accuracy percentage calculation relies on the absolute unit difference to describe how far the inventory records are from reality. The ECR Community and the RFID industry prefer a formula based on SKU integrity, which treats all inventory unit adjustments with the same weight. In this article, we will […]

Inventory Accuracy % Is Not Enough

Inventory accuracy percentages can be misleading! We already know that inventory accuracy is a very important metric for retailers, measuring how closely system records reflect the actual units found in stores. But did you also know that a straight inventory accuracy percentage stating that inventory records are 75% accurate is missing a very important piece […]

What is Inventory Accuracy?

Just what does inventory accuracy mean in a retail environment? How is it calculated? Why is it important? These are a few of the questions I will answer in upcoming articles. Together we will dig deeper into the gory details in the coming weeks. Accurate inventory records are crucial for a successful omnichannel strategy. Inaccurate […]

Retail-to-Go Requires Accurate Inventory

“Retail-to-go” is a new buzzword - it’s essentially the curbside pickup of items your customers purchase online.  Like every other online purchase, retail-to-go requires a high level of inventory accuracy for smooth execution.  And as you're well aware by now, COVID-19 has forced retailers to rely on their omnichannel capabilities like retail-to-go in order to survive. When […]

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