November 16, 2023
 Ted McCaffrey

Following the successful collaboration in the Middle East over the past year, DATASCAN, LP and ALTAVANT today announced an extension of their strategic partnership to include regions of France and Central Europe. This extended alliance will ensure the delivery of comprehensive inventory counting solutions, offering retailers a greater choice of stock counting service that meets their specific needs.

The collaboration leverages DATASCAN's half a century of expertise in providing cutting-edge counting solutions with ALTAVANT's commitment to driving value through human-centric, tech-integrated systems.

“We are witnessing a rapidly evolving retail environment in France and Central Europe, and our extension with Altavant is a testament to our commitment to serving these regions,” stated Mark Belmer, Chief Revenue Officer of DATASCAN. “Altavant's knowledge and expertise in these regions, combined with our state-of-the-art inventory solutions, make this a powerful partnership. We are excited to build upon the successes we've achieved in the Middle East and are enthusiastic about the possibilities of this collaboration.”

Bastien Renault, CEO of ALTAVANT, added, “Our partnership with Datascan has been a cornerstone of our efforts in delivering value to our customers in the Middle East. The extension into France and Central Europe is a logical and ambitious step forward. Together, we are committed to equipping retailers with cutting-edge inventory management tools, offering them a broader range of choices to align with their operational needs."

With this extended partnership, retailers in France and Central Europe can now access an enhanced range of inventory counting options. From fully outsourced service counts to supervisory led counts and self-scan counts utilizing DATASCAN technology, the partnership ensures that retailers now benefit from a wider selection of solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

DATASCAN is a global leader in user-friendly barcode and RFID inventory counting solutions, serving world-class retailers in over 42 countries. Their tailored scanners and industry-leading tracking software enable clients to achieve accurate, on-demand physical inventory counts efficiently and cost-effectively

ALTAVANT is a visionary retail consulting firm specializing in the integration of human-centric digital systems. Their innovative approach ensures retailers achieve maximum value from their technological investments, making a significant impact on their bottom line.

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Datascan is the global leader in providing self-scan physical inventory counting solutions to world class retailers in over 42 countries. Our clients use our solutions software to enable their trusted employees to accomplish accurate, on-demand physical inventory counts in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

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