Differentiation through Constant Innovation

Datascan owes its reputation for client satisfaction to the dedication and experience of our team and their relationship with our clients. In fact, our history of innovation is directly driven by our close working relationship with clients and has resulted in a number of “firsts”:



Inventory goes paperless with Datascan’s introduction of the first LTD and PC inventory solution. And we’ve been barcode obsessed ever since.


Inventory goes PC-less. Datascan eliminates the need for expensive onsite computer hardware and reduces equipment complexity.


Inventory goes on-line as Datascan introduces the first web-based reporting solution for monitoring count status and variance analysis.


Datascan goes real-time with the introduction of the first real-time status and search features providing retailers with increased visibility.


The first company to offer Scan-While-You-Sell functionality enabling stores to take inventory during business hours.


The first Self-Scan company able to deploy 25,000 scanners simultaneous use. Today, our fleet of 80,000 scanners can be used simultaneously. Yea, that’s a lot of data!


The first Self-Scan company to offer solutions to retailers outside the US with expansion into Europe. Within 1 year we’d earned the trust of some powerhouse retailers and continue the partnership.


The first Self-Scan company to develop in-house audio/video capability to create personalized training DVD’s.


The first to introduce “Targeted Audits” feature. Make the most of your audits and take the thinking out of it for the stores.


The first to develop and manufacture the only Fit-for-Purpose scanners designed for pure inventory needs.


Datascan’s next innovation is readying for launch.