March 15, 2023

Les Néréides deployed OCTO+ while simultaneously implementing an ERP solution and a new website. Les Néréides considered that RFID technology had become sufficiently affordable for building into its omnichannel strategy from the outset.

Frequentiel proved to be the right match because of its combined RFID and retail expertise, and because they were able to integrate with Les Néréides’ IT systems and existing processes. In addition, the company was able to exchange with other retail customers of Frequentiel who had also faced similar challenges.

In the medium term, the company wants to harness RFID to better control in-store assortment — to understand which displays are working best and to spread best practices worldwide.

“Building our brand authenticity is a powerful way to enhance our image and earn customer loyalty,” says Bettan.

Read the full case study here.

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