May 1, 2020
 Humberto De Santiago

“Retail-to-go” is a new buzzword - it’s essentially the curbside pickup of items your customers purchase online.  Like every other online purchase, retail-to-go requires a high level of inventory accuracy for smooth execution.  And as you're well aware by now, COVID-19 has forced retailers to rely on their omnichannel capabilities like retail-to-go in order to survive.

When your inventory records are inaccurate, customers may purchase items not actually available in your store.  After wasting labor to search for that item, you then have the unpleasant chores of disappointing your customer, refunding the sale, and adjusting your inventory.

You’re not alone - every retailer experiences inaccurate inventory records to some extent - and they degrade over time.  The only way to fix inaccurate inventory records is to count your items and update your records.

Stay tuned for more (much, much more!) on inventory accuracy.

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