Own your inventory data

From inventory preparation through post count analysis, Datascan offers complete control over monitoring, identifying and resolving inventory situations.

Our efficient and cost-effective inventory counting solution enables retailers to self-scan physical inventories and provides store managers and corporate users real-time access to inventory status and post-count inventory data.

Our real-time reporting allows you to:

  • View store count data immediately after an area is scanned
  • Access a configurable, metrics driven dashboard at all levels
  • Retain mobile access to all dashboards and reports
  • Obtain overall inventory progress for all stores at district, regional and corporate level
  • Utilize drill down capability allowing comprehensive research down to the item level
  • Sort data by employee or by value
  • Review overwritten, deleted or missing areas
  • Compare and resolve failed audits
  • View SKU/UPC by description, cost, department or class
  • Run variance reports by item, department or store level

Interested to see how your counts are progressing while on the go or traveling – right on your hand-held device?

Check out our new mobile app that allows our clients the opportunity to monitor store inventory count activities in real-time. This app helps to quickly identify potential risks and challenges that can be corrected immediately – avoiding further error and set-back during an inventory count.

DART Insight
App store badges

Monitoring capability provides visibility into:

  • Store’s receipt of equipment and preparation tasks via interactive checklists
  • Number of areas set up and percent completion of inventory count and close rate
  • Number of sections audited and recounted during a count
  • Stores outside completion tolerances identified through customized email alerts

Retailers gain and keep control:

  • Ability to research a UPC/SKU in a single store or throughout the company
  • Selection of areas for audit based on high shrink SKU’s or value
  • Confirmation that each store associate is audited
  • Generation of forced recounts based on initial variance data
  • Ability to monitor login activity to ensure DM and RM ownership
  • Potential to view a list of all audits and discrepancies in failed audits real time

Take your control full-circle with research:

  • Reporting items counted in back stock not found on the sales floor
  • Comparing year-over-year data
  • Viewing audit and count accuracy by store and associate
  • Tracking inventory count trends at store, department or SKU level
  • Assessing effectiveness of inventory count procedures, audit policies and store planning

Discover how our self-scan solution provides better counting results than a third-party provider.